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Haunted Houses are great and safe fun for the entire family. These Halloween attractions are spooky and scary and many offer coupons and online discounts so you can save money!

Lists of Haunted Houses and Halloween Attractions USA

Quiz: Is Your House Haunted ?

This quiz lists examples of a spirit haunting.

1. Do you seem to lose important items only to have them reappear later in an area which you had already searched?

2. Do pets such as cats or dogs seem afraid to enter certain areas of the house?

3. Do lights or televisions turn on and off by themselves?

4. Have you heard someone call your name when no one is home?

5. Have you heard footsteps in the house when you are alone?

6. Do you hear odd scratching or knocking sounds coming from within the walls?

7. Have you noticed negative changes in either your attitude or the disposition of other family members where it doesn't seem to be warranted?

8. Do you sometimes feel as though you are being watched?

9. Do you see movement or even shadows out of the corner of your eye?

10. Have you witnessed doors open and close by themselves?

11. Do certain areas of the home feel unusually cold and seem incapable of warming up or have you experienced strange cold spots that seem centralized to a specific location with no discernable origin?

12. Do children in the home seem to have unhealthy relationships with "imaginary friends?"

13. Have any members of the family used a Ouija board or similar item in the house?

14. Do photographs taken in the home often appear with unexplainable white mists or orbs appearing in them?

15. Have there been any tragic deaths in the house or the grounds upon which it is built?

16. Do you sometimes catch movement out of the corner or your eye?

If you answered 'YES' to 5 or more of the questions, then click here to find out what you need to do next: Spirits and Ghosts

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