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Greatest Magic Mind Reading Illusion Ever
This magic trick works great at Halloween parties, but you can use it anywhere, and it is repeatable in crowds. I have used it in a few bars once in a while with great success. It's always good for a free drink or two! And also a great way to meet those of the opposite sex!
Here is how the trick presents
Working it into the conversation, you mention that you are learning how to read minds! You discuss it a bit and let them know that you are just starting out and need to practice.

Someone always says prove it, so you agree to a demonstration. You tell them that while it is hard to read words, numbers are very easy, and you say something like 'I will even show you how I do it and how it works.'
'Here, I'll leave the area, and one of you pick a number from 1 to 25.'  You point to a person (now called the recorder) and say 'Will you keep it honest and write it down. and place the paper face down on the table, and when I come back, I'll tell you what the number is, without looking at the paper, of course.'   You then depart while any participant picks a number, let's say it is 13.  The recorder writes down the number 13 on a piece of paper and places it face down on the table.
You return and ask the recorder 'All set? Do you have it written on the paper?' T he recorder says ' OK. Read their mind'.  You then look into the face of whoever picked the number and tell them 'Do NOT think of the number you picked!"  You gaze for a few more seconds,  then say, 'Yes I am trying to read your mind, but there is a trick to this to make you concentrate. You see, I told you not to think of the number, and when I did that you immediately created a strong thought of that number in your mind and I read it clearly.  Its like the old psychology trick. Someone tells you not to think of an Elephant. What is the first thing you think of? An elephant, of course.' Looking directly at the participant, you say 'And you immediately thought of the number 13  when I told you NOT to think about it.'  The paper is turned over for verification. 'See, that is how the trick works.' You compliment the person on how strong their mind sends out thoughts.

Now you say, 'I must be getting good at this, that seemed pretty easy, someone else pick a number and this time make it between 1 and 50!' You leave again. This time someone else picks a number, let's say 27. The recorder writes the number down again but this time folds it up and places it under something, a glass, or his hand, and says, 'I want to be sure he cannot see it.'

You return and ask the recorder, 'All set?' The recorder replies, 'Yes!" Smiles and says "OK, try to read their mind again', gesturing to whoever picked the number.  You repeat your performance, except this time you say to the person who picked the number '..think of any other number than the one you picked....' you then do a bit of concentration and reveal the number is 27!

Encouraged to do it again, you reluctantly agree to one more time, between 1 and 50, but let them know you are tiring and it may not work. After you leave, this time the recorder decides to try to trick you!  He turns to two different participants and says to each, give me a number, and then adds the two numbers together. It totals more then 50, let's say it was 41 and 22 to equal 63, and the recorder writes down 63 and says 'This should be a really good challenge, especially since it is over 50!'

You return and after asking to be sure everything is all set and being told yes, you seem confused and have to concentrate deeply, saying 'Please clear your mind of the number!' More concentration, a bit more confusion while the recorder says to you that they really made it tough this time. More Intense Concentration.

Suddenly you look enlightened! You say 'I think you tried to trick me! One of you picked the number 41, and someone else picked 22, for a total of 63 and that is the number!' Now you are tired, since that last mind reading was mentally demanding and so you promise another demonstration some other time, maybe next time you will be able to read their words and thoughts!

This illusion is absolutely amazing! 

And it does not require any props, special gimmicks or devices, it can literally bo done anywhere and can be repeated over and over. A perfect illusion for Holiday parties, bars, and other gatherings.

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